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various online pujaWe offer various types of online puja and online homam for you.
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We offer online puja of Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath temple of Nepal.
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Maa Durga Temples in Nepal

Online puja in temples of nepal by online puja orgThere are various Maa Durga temples in Nepal. These below temples in Nepal are consider the most popular temple of Goddess Durga. You can do online Darsan in these Maa Durga temple in Nepal. We offer online puja at below temple in Nepal. Contact Us to do online puja at Durga temple in Nepal.

Durga or Shakti Temples and Her Online Puja
Shakti or Durga

Shakti Puja


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Online Puja at Bagalmukhi Temple in Nepal
Online puja at Bagalamukhi temple of goddess Bagalamukhi by www.onlinepuja.org Bagalamukhi is 8th Maha vidha of Ten Mahavidha the supreme knowledge of yin energy. Bagalamukhi temple is very famous temple of Nepal dedicated to Goddess Bagalamukhi.
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We offer online puja of Goddess Bagalamukhi at famous Bagalamukhi temple of Nepal. Contact Us for online puja at famous
Bagalamukhi Temple in Nepal.
Online Puja at Manakamana Temple in Nepal
Online puja at Manakamanai temple of goddess Manakamana by www.onlinepuja.org Meaning of manakamana in English is desire fulfilling.By worshipping or making vow or say vacal to Manakmana devi at Manakamana. may fulfill all types of your desire. Even People make vacal for manakamana devi if she do so they will do certain things for example hang bell in Mankamana temple.Read More . Contact U for online puja at Manakamana temple of Nepal.
Online Puja at Dakshin Kali Temple in Nepal
Online puja at Dakshinkali Temple of goddess Dakshin kali by online puja org Dakshinkali is named after the name of Goddess "Kali" the first Maha vidha of 10 Mahavidha .

Hindu believes that Goddess Kali is the source of energy and power. They worship the goddess throughout the year in different occasions to get
divine power or shakti for victory over enemies.Read More
Contact Us
for online puja at Dakshinkali temple of Nepal.
Online Puja at Gueshowri Temple in Nepal
Online Puja at Gueshowri Temple of goddess parvati by online puja orgThe famous Temple of Guheswori lies about a km east of. Guheswori temple is located at the left bank of the Bagamati river. By doing puja at Guheswori Temple you can get victory over your enemies. If you are facing any type of legal problems you should do puja at Guheswori Temple so that you win.Read More

Contact Us
for online puja at Gueshowri temple of Nepal.
Online Puja at Bhuvaneshvari Temple in Nepal
Online puja at Bhvaneshvari Temple kathmandu NepalThe  Famous Bhuvaneshvari Temple is situated is Gausala, Kathmandu, Nepal. People do online puja on this Bhuvaneshvari Temple to get rid of family dispute, to get victory over their enemies, Overcome from disease. Businessman come to Bhuvaneshvari Temple to do her puja to increase their business, get stability in business.Read More
Online Puja at Matangi Temple in Nepal
Online puja at Shova Bagabati Templeonline puja at Shova Bagabat temple Doing online puja at Shova Bagabati Temple will kill all the negative energy surrounding the individual.Shova Bagabati temple is actually Matangi temple.

Bagabati Durga is know as bad luck killer and by doing online puja of Durga in Shova Bagabati Temple you can kill your bad luck.Read More
Online Puja at Jaya Bageshowri Temple in Nepal
Online puja at Jaya Bageshowri Temple NepalIt is commonly believed that by worshipping Mother Jaya Bageshowri people get cure for their different types of problems.
If you want increment in your knowledge, wisdom, creativity, idea then online puja at Jaya Bageshowri Temple may be highly beneficial. Read More
Online Pooja at Annapurna Temple in Nepal
TPowerful photo of Mother Annapurna at Annapurna templehere is very famous temple of Goddess Annapurna at the heart of Asan, Kathmandu, Nepal.

This temple is very famous for fulfilling all types of wishes.Annapurna temple of Ashan is build according to Ying principal.Read More
Santoshi Maa Temple Online Puja
online puja of Mother Santoshi MaSantoshi Maa online puja may help you to get relief from tensions and problems and all type of your wish and desire may fulfill.
Most of marwadi community has very great faith on Santoshi Ma and she is secret of Richness and success of Marwadi .
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| Contact us for online Puja
Baglung Kalika Bagabati Temple
Bagulung Kali Temple online pujaThe famous Baglung kali Bagabati Temple s situated at Bagulng, Nepal. Baglung, Kalika Bagabati temple is one of the most religiously significant places which is located just above north side of Kali Gandaki.Making Baglung kali or Kalika happy is important because if she is happy then she can bless you with your wish or desire fulfilment.
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| Contact us for online Puja

Bindabasini Temple or Mandir Online Puja
Bindabasini Temple or Mandir Online PujaBindabasini temple or Bindhyabasini Mandir is of great religious importance to all the Hindu of Nepal and abroad. Bindhyabasin temple is located in Pokhara, Nepal.Bindabasini Temple or Mandir is shakti Pita and famous for various reasons. Goddess Bindhyabasini is popularly known as wish and desires fulfilling goddess. You can perfrom Asta chiranjibi puja for your long life and long life of your beloved one. Hindus performs puja or homam on the birthday day. People come here to perfrom Asta Chiranjibi Homam and Puja for their long life.
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| Contact us for online Puja
Online Puja at Rakta Kali Temple in Nepal
Maa Rakta Kali in Rakta Kali templePerson who is seeking for courage, power etc should do online puja at Rakta Kali temple. Soldiers who are going into war should do online puja at Rakta Kali temple because with her blessing soldiers gets victory, his life may be protected by Ma Rakta Kali.

In another words Rakta Kali online puja helps to protect person life and give victory in war. Read More
Churiya Mai Puja To Protect From Accidents
Churiya devi onine pujaBy performing online Puja and Homam at Churiya Mai temple you may save yourself from accidents, crash or any types of unpleasant situations. If you are wishing to have new Vehicle then also you can offer Churiya Mai Online Puja.

Churiya MaiIf you have brought new vehicle then it is good idea to offer it to her and perform her Online Puja and Homam, to get her power and protection. Read More
Online Puja Nara Devi Temple in Nepal
Nara DeviWhen one enter inside the temple one can feel sort of power of Goddess Nara Devi.Nara Devi temple of Kathmandu, Nepal which is evidence of Newari wonderful architecture history. The three stored pagoda shape tample attrack each day thousands of visitors. Read More
Kushmanda Triveni Dham Online Puja
108 gomukha tap of KushmandaThere is a secret place in Hetauda which is called place of Mother Kushmanda or Kushmanda Sarovar Triveni Dham or Triveni Sangam. There is various types of benefits to perform online Puja and Homam of Kushmanda like one can get siddhi , one can remove various types of sorrows. Read More
Butan Devi Temple Online Puja
Butan Devi or Mahishasura MardiniThe wonderful Butan Devi temple is located at Bhutan Devi Road-10, Hetauda. Butan Devi Temple is not only very famous temple of Hetauda but its famous all over Nepal. By performing Online Butan Devi Puja or Mahishasura Mardini puja at Butan Devi temple one may overcome grave problems, tensions, sorrows and fear and get all types of victory. Read More
Online Puja at Palanchowk Bhagavti Temple in Nepal
Palanchok Bagabati online pujaThe Great Miracle of this Palanchowk Bhagwati temple is that it is one of the famous Shakti Pith of the Universe.

It is one of the original sources of the Supreme Cosmic Power of Universe. Shakti means force, power or energy & she personifies the female aspect of God. Read More
Online Puja at Chamunda Temple in Nepal

Chamunda TempleBeing temple researcher I have been to a lot of temples. When first time I went to Chamunda Temple, I was mesmerized by its beauty. Chamunda Temple is situated in Kathmandu. Chamunda temple is Pagoda style temple. Area o

f the Chamunda temple is large and inside the temple there are various small temples of god and goddess.Read More

Online Puja at Kaal Sarpa Dosa Removing Temple
If you have snake fear or planets are weak in birth chart or if you have Kal Sarpa Dosa then doing online puja at Garuda Bahini Temple may be very good idea. Contact Us to do Online puja at Garuda Bahini Temple.
Contact Us for free powerful photo of Goddess Garuda Bahini.Read More

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