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Chandra Dasa Effect on Various Rasi
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Sage Manitha and others have normally classified the Dasa of Chandra in six categories. It is called (Arohini) (increasing), when Chandra is proceeding from the first day of the bright half. It is Avarohini (or decreasing), when the period of the second day of the dark half through New Chandra prevails. Again it is Arohini, when the birth takes place, if the waves of the ocean are rising. Should the waves be depressed at the time of birth, such Chandra’s Dasa is Avarohini. It is also called Arohini, when Chandra has left his debilitation Rāśi.

Should Chandra be departing from his exaltation Rāśi, it is called Avarohini Dasa. The ancient people have shown three kinds of difference between Arohini and Avarohini.

Notes: The three kinds each of Avarohini are already explained, from Slokas 1 to 4. Simultaneously, the three kinds of Aroha Dasas are also explained. Thus, six categories are made for Chandra’s Dasa.

The three Aroha Dasas will bring about all-round success. The person will become famous in the entire world. The three kinds of Avaroha Dasas will only cause destruction. When Chandra has minimum strength, while all the Grahas are in lunar half of the Rāśis (though malefics in nature) good results should be predicted. Sūrya in such a condition will prove auspicious. Chandra’s Dasa will make one a king’s minister and acceptable to the king. He will be highly respected and will acquire money through Gods, Brahmins and Mantras. He will be modest and become expert in arts.

The native will acquire good and fragrant flowers, fruits and trees (or fruit yielding trees), become famous, be very valorous, will be on move at all times and will acquire wife and children. He will be intelligent and wealthy.

He will worship Gods and Brahmins, help others and have good mentally. He will be expert in dance and other arts. He will be phlegmatic and windy in constitution.

The subject will have physical strength, will be hated by his relatives, sleepy, lazy, intoxicated and without vigour. The foregoing are the results for Chandra’s position in various Rāśis (in her Dasa).

The Dasa of Chandra in Mesh will give gains of wife and children. The native is intent on serving in foreign countries. Loss of brother, acquisition of money through fair means and disorder of head are also indicated.

If Chandra is exalted, such Chandra’s Dasa leads to acquiring a kingdom. The subject will have sons, diamonds and be controlled be wife (or women). He will also possess elephants, horses and cows.

Should Chandra be in Multrikon portion, the native in such Dasa lives in foreign countries, gets money through agriculture, or sales, hates his relatives and suffers from diseases arising out of phlegmatic and windy defects.

If Chandra is in the middle area of Vrishabh, in such Dasa, highest happiness and lot of wealth will obtain. The native will be among Brahmins, Gods and ministers and be liked by his wife.

In the first half of the Dasa, death of mother will take place and the native will indulge in sins. Should Chandra be in Vrishabh, in the second half of the Dasa, death of the father will take place.

In the Dasa of Chandra in Mithun, the person will be engaged in pleasing Brahmins and Gods, will be intelligent, will acquire money, clothes and enjoyments. He will move from one place to the other.
Should Chandra be in Kark, in her Dasa, the native will earn through lands, water, agriculture, cows and grains. He will become well versed in Jyotish, will suffer from diseases in rectum and will roam in forests, hills and forts.

When Chandra is in Simh, in such Dasa, the native will acquire knowledge and money. His desires will be fulfilled. He will be considered superior among his men and be intelligent. He will have loss of limbs and will not acquire many children. He will be fortunate.

Notes: Simh being a dry Rāśi, the progeny is limited, depending on other conditions.

In Chandra’s Dasa, when she is in Kanya, the native goes to foreign countries. He acquires other women (or gains through other women) and he will become expert in literature and arts. He will achieve his objects and have little money.

When Chandra is in Tula, her Dasa will cause afflictions through wife, or women and loss of self respect. There will be obstructions to his enthusiasm and he will become fickleminded. He will suffer from poverty and grief.

Should Chandra be in her debilitation Rāśi, she may cause death in her Dasa, or various kinds of illness. The subject may also lose his wife. His enthusiasm will be broken and he will regret for his own thoughts.

When Chandra has just left her debilitation point, in such Dasa, the native will lord a woman, who has limited wealth. He will get money from sales and purchase. He will suffer from diseases related to private parts. He will be attacked by paralysis.

In the Dasa of Chandra in Dhanu, the subject lords over elephants and horses and acquires many dwelling places. Destruction to ancestral property will come to pass. The subject will be happy in regard to his sons and become very rich.

Chandra’s Dasa, when she is in Makar, will make the native jealous, poor, live in a dancer’s house and will deprive of wife and land. The native will become learned in Vedic Science, but he will not have money and children.

In the Dasa of Chandra placed in Kumbh, one will resort to menial professions, incur lot of debts, be fickleminded and contact a women of bad character. He will suffer from diseases in anus and stomach.

When Chandra is in Vargothamamsh, she, in her Dasa, will cause enmity with a mighty person and loss. The native will suffer from diseases relating to teeth, eyes and ears. He will be deserted by his sons and wife.

Notes: In the above Sloka, the Vargothamamsh refers to Chandra in Kumbh Rāśi and Navamsh because after dealing with Meen Rāśi, Vargothamamsh in Meen is referred to in Slokas 27 and 28 infra.

In the Dasa of Chandra in Meen, the native will enjoy money through products of river and sea. He will be always on the move and will be intelligent. He will have cows and buffaloes and be in the company of his wife and children. He will conquer his enemies.

Should Chandra be in Vargothamamsh in Meen, in such Dasa, the subject will gather treasures and have comforts. He will obtain daughters and get some limbs damaged and lose his parents in childhood.

Notes: The treasures may be specifically hidden under water, as the Rāśi Meen is a watery Rāśi. Should the Dasa occur in one’s childhood, he will lose his parents. Meen is a feminine Rāśi and hence stress on female issues is made. For Vrischik Lagn natives, more daughters are possible depending upon the conditions in the Kundali.

In the Dasa of Chandra, who is in Vargothamamsh, the desires relating to the previous Rāśi will duly come to mature. The subject will be chief of his men, intelligent, strong, virtuous and very learned.

Notes: Suppose Chandra is Vargothamamsh in Vrischik, then the objects indicated by Tula, which is the previous Rāśi, will mature. So the subject will become a merchant, poet etc., as indicated by Tula. This is a very important clue and should be made best use of wisely.

Should Chandra be full and in Vyaya Bhava, in her Dasa, money will be acquired in all ways. If, however, she be waning inimically placed, or debilitated, the results mentioned will decrease every moment.

Notes: Even though in Vyaya Bhava, if Chandra is full, the effects are good. Should she be in waning state, or placed in inimical Bhava, or in fall, the results mentioned will mature in a little way. These two rules can be applied to not only Chandra’s Dasa, but to general predictive purpose.

Should Chandra be waning and in Randhr Bhava, in such Dasa, the native will be troubled with diseases. etc. Due to the lapses of his wife (or women), he will face absolute penury.

In the period of Chandra in fall in Randhr Bhava, the subject will die, or frequently be sick. Should Chandra, as above be yuti with malefics, the subject will die, or be expelled from his caste.

Should Chandra be combust, in such Dasa, the subject is deprived of his kingdom (or expelled from his country), faces destruction and is subjected to grief. He suffers from diseases, like jaundice and is subject to danger from water.

If the sixth Dasa belongs to waning (weak) Chandra, the subject destroys his own people. Should the said Chandra be, however, full, the person will get wealth only.

Notes: As per Sloka, the sixth Dasa lorded by Chandra, who is full, will lead only to financial upliftment and nothing else, note the word Kevala in the text.

Should Chandra occupy Lagn, in her Dasa, the person acquires kingdom. In Karm Bhava, the person is blessed with daughters and wealth. These are the results of Chandra’s Dasa. Same effects will be revealed, when she is in several Amshas.

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If your Chandra or Moon is giving negative effects that Chandra Dasa Shanti puja is recommended. Contact us

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