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Mangal Dasa Effect on Various Rasi
Contact us for Online Dasa Shanti Puja

Grahas placed in the first six Rāśis, counted from Sūrya, keep their faces downwards whilst those in the remaining six Rāśis keep their faces upwards. The latter are capable of yielding good results.

The Dasa of Mangal will yield results in a medium way, as though in exaltation, notwithstanding him having his face downwards, or upwards, or his being in retrograde motion, or Anuvakr (progressive). Results should be predicted after knowing whether Grah is Vakr, or Anuvakr. For the five Grahas from Mangal to Shani (i.e. the starry Grahas) such evaluations should be made.

In the Dasa of Mangal, the earning will be through fire, lands, conveyances, medicines, indulging in lies, cheating and carrying out various cruel activities. The person will suffer from bilious diseases, bloody defects and fever. He will serve a mean lady and be deserted by his sons, wife, relatives and preceptors. He will have his eyes on the wealth of others.

If Mangal is in his Multrikon Bhava, in his Dasa, the native will maintain to be in his caste and will acquire wife, children and wealth. He will become valorous, fond of sexual acts and intelligent.

When Mangal occupies Mesh, in his Dasa, the native will become famous and enthusiastic. He will suffer from troubles caused out of bile, will face risk of thefts and will be subjected to much mental anguish.

In the Dasa of Mangal occupying Vrishabh, one will lose his position, will contract diseases, grief and be fond of talking. He will concentrate on other's money and will have scant regards for preceptor and Gods.

In the Dasa of Mangal in Mithun one will live in foreign countries, or cities, will be very libidinous, will hate his own relatives, will be subjected to much mental strain and will have windy complaints.
In the Dasa of Kark, the person will gain from water, gardens and fire. He will be virtuous, deprived of wife, son and relatives and he will lose his limbs and will cheat the public.

When Mangal emerges from his depression region (in Kark) in such Dasa, the person will become famous for his singular virtues. He will be strong and chief against his enemies. He will suffer from diseases in the anus. He will enjoy the wealth of elephants and horses.

In the Dasa of Mangal posited in Simh, one will become leader of masses and one will be enthusiastic. One will be deprived of sons, wife and wealth and one will be troubled by weapons and fire.

In the Dasa of Mangal in Kanya, the native gets position, money and comforts. He will be an expert in organizing yagya's etc. He will be squint eyed; he will possess lands, wife and children.

In the Dasa of Mangal posited in Tula, one will become expert in knowing all facts and philosophies. He will get wealth and grains from agriculture and he will hate his friends. He will be killed by poison, fire, or weapons.

When the Dasa of Mangal posited in Dhanu starts, the person gets wealth through Brahmins, Gods, kings etc. He does undo things, promotes quarrels and enjoys great respect.

In the Dasa of Mangal, occupying his deep exaltation area, the native commands comforts through vehicles, kingdom and diamonds etc. His combat is not controllable (i.e. his eagerness of purpose will be forceful, like that of a warrior) and he will be chief of his folk.

If the Dasa of Mangal, who has departed his deep exaltation zone and be in Makar, progresses, the subject will make serious efforts to gather wealth and he will have troubles from reptiles, animals and weapons. He will help the downtrodden and will keep them happy.

When the Dasa of Mangal posited in Kumbh rules, the subject will forsake his religious conduct, he will be proud, be subjected to misery caused due to penury, he will take to bad ways and also lose his issues.

Should Mangal be in Meen, in such Dasa, the native will be sick, lose children and he will be troubled by heavy expenditure. He will fall into debts, live in foreign places and he will be afflicted by wounds etc.

When Mangal occupies the same Rāśi and Navamsh, the native will become world famous. The results of the Bhava, as occupied by Mangal will be doubly felt. He will be a noted person in the army and become strong.

Mangal, if in debilitation Amsh, makes the native in his Dasa wander and unhappy. The good results, that are likely to mature will be burnt. The person will give up good things and run after bad ones.

In the Dasa of combust Mangal one will be worried with all sorts of troubles and will be intent on destruction. Should Mangal be otherwise (i.e. not eclipsed, not fallen etc.) or, if Mangal is placed in Bhavas relating to good Yogas, the effects of the concerned Rāśi will come to pass.

Should Mangal be in Randhr Bhava, there will be misconception with one's enemies, death and litigations. All kinds of hindrances will occur for the sake of relatives, one's prestige will be at stake.

In the Dasa of Mangal facing upwards, posited in exaltation, or in Karm, or in Labh Bhava, the native acquires kingdom. He will gain over his enemies, he will have many conveyances, army (or followers) conquering neighbouring kingdoms and he will enjoy wealth.

We offer Mangal Dasa Shanti Online Puja
If your Mangal or Mars is giving negative effects that Mangal Dasa Shanti puja is recommended. Contact us

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