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Shani Dasa Effect on Various Rasi
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During the Dasa of Shani, the native will acquire fame, intelligence and knowledge of many Shastras. He will become leader of a group, a village, or a city. He will be more famous than his father and will be versed with all religious commandments.

He will have elephants, horses, cows and wealth and he will obtain the wealth of his cousins. He will have respect for Brahmins and Gods and will live in an old house. He can be pleased with an iota of things.

He will be drowsy in disposition and capable of hard work. He will be hated by men and he will be interested in women, who are older than him. He will like to be virtuous, be modest and be interested in the jobs of Gods. i.e. temples etc.

The subject will have windy and phlegmatic deficits. He will incur defect in limbs and become weak. These results, as aforesaid are only general in nature. For each Rāśi and Amsh the following details may be noted.

During the Dasa of Shani in Mesh, one will be taken away from his residence, without a job, independent in nature; one will suffer skin diseases in foot etc.; one will be cunning in nature and will be deprived of his coborn and relatives.

In the Dasa of Shani, who has just left his debilitation zone, one will get grains through agriculture, but will be grieved by fall (from high places); one will be equal to the least and not enthusiastic.
Should Shani be in Vrishabh, in such Dasa, one will get titles, be very intelligent, become a king, or his equal, serve in a war and one will show too much of interest in doing virtuous acts.

During the Dasa of Shani in Mithun, the native will be impatient, will enjoy children, wealth and happiness, but he will lose through women and thieves. He will be keen to do the jobs of others and will be troubled through battles.

During the Dasa of Shani in Kark, one will be worried and dependent upon others; one will be deprives of mother, children and relatives; one will grow short of sight and hearing, but be intelligent.

Should Shani be in Simh Rāśi, or in Simh Navamsh, in such Dasa, one will be subjected to various diseases, one will develop misunderstandings with sons, wife and relatives and will command wealth through cows, buffaloes, horses etc.

During the Dasa of Shani posited in Kanya, the native will attain learning and will produce (money) by his labour. He will have fear from Brahmins and water. But he will be dear to preceptors, Brahmins, Yogis etc.

During the Dasa of Shani, who is in his exaltation Rāśi, one will gain wisdom and wealth. People will regard his learning. Naturally money will come to him and he will have happiness.

During the Dasa of Shani in Vrischik, one will kill, or capture insects, will wander aimlessly, speak untruth, will not be kind (to others) and will remain at the mercy of mean people for his livelihood.

In the Dasa of Shani posited in Dhanu, one will enjoy health, be respected by the sovereign, or be a king himself; one will acquire money through profession, or creatures; one will be with sons and wife and will be active, as though in a war front.

When Shani occupies Makar, in such Dasa, one will have money by putting abundant labour, will be fortunate, dear to barren, or older ladies and lose money through the confidence he reposes (in others).

Should Shani be in his Multrikon Bhava, in such Dasa, one will derive comforts. He will be chief among his caste men. He will be wise and wealthy through agriculture, cattle and grains. He will have sons.

Should Shani be in Meen, in such Dasa, one will acquire money only with slight enthusiasm. He will head a group of villages in the city and he will be desirous of young women and at the same time final emancipation.

Should Shani be combust, in such Dasa, one’s income and expenditure will be in equal ratio; one will be unhappy, sometimes fraudulent, one will be widely famous, but be afflicted by worries.

The results for Rāśi and Amsh positions have thus been said and the predictions should be based on whichever is stronger. Should they be equal in strength one should assume balanced results.

We offer Shani Dasa Shanti Online Puja
If your Shani or Saturn sis giving negative effects that Shani Dasa Shanti puja is recommended. Contact us

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