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Sūrya's Dasa Effect on Various Rasi
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During the period of Sūrya, the person lives in foreign places, moves in forests and mountains and fortresses. Wealth will be obtained through the sources of Brahmins, Gods, fire, kings, Shastras and medicines.

The subject becomes proficient in pronouncing Mantras, expert in obstruction, a king and heads an army. He will be intent upon doing famous deeds, remains intelligent, has clear speech and is undesirable. ("anishta" also means unlucky).

He becomes a killer of animals, snakes etc. Surya Dasa will deprive him of his wife, son and place of dwelling. He is fickle minded and will be contracting debts; rash, eye disease and disorders of abdomen, teeth and ears are indicated.

Danger from the king and thieves, enmity with relatives, destruction of people of one's own sect and of wealth are some of the results of the Dasa of Sūrya.

Should Sūrya be exalted, in such Dasa, the person becomes very courageous, intent upon doing such deeds, as attributed to his birth (i.e. suitable to his own religion), will be troubled by king's men, inherits property from father and becomes popular in the country.

When Sūrya has departed from his exaltation, in such Dasa, he will cause abdominal disorders, diseases in head, enmity with one's own people and danger from quadrupeds.

When Sūrya is in Vrishabh, his Dasa will deprive the native of agriculture, cattle, son and wife. It gives trouble to the physical heart, reproductive organs and eyes. Terms with relatives will be strained. In any case, one's prestige will not be affected in such Dasa.

Sūrya in Mithun in his Dasa will confer deep interest in Shastras, arts, poetry and sculpture. The subject will be blessed with agriculture, cattle, money and grains and wealth through his cousins.

When Sūrya occupies Kark, his Dasa will bring about fame and royal money. He will be defeated by women. Feeding himself on the wind, i.e. fasting, separated from father and relatives and be sharp in speech.

When Sūrya is in Simh, his own Rāśi, this gives in his Dasa all kinds of wealth and equals the subject to a king. The subject lives in forts and forests, does agriculture, lives with children and wife and earns fame in abundance.

The Dasa of Sūrya in Kanya gives income through cattle, Brahmins and Gods. Female issues are indicated. The subject becomes world famous.

Notes: Female issues are specifically noted here, because the Rāśi Kanya is feminine.

Should Sūrya be in his extreme debilitation, his Surya Dasa will bring about destruction in agriculture, issues, friends, wealth and wife. The subject will go to foreign countries. Fear from thieves and fire are also indicated.

The Dasa of Sūrya, that has departed from his fall, gives wealth from kings and comforts thereof. Grief caused out of woman's (wife's) enmity and acquisition of wealth by cheating others will also follow.

If Sūrya is in Vrischik, in such Dasa, there will be listlessness (in all affairs), danger from poison. water and weapons and restriction (inaccessibility) to reach one's parents.

Should Sūrya be in Dhanu, such Dasa begets pleasure from one's children and wife and gives plenty of money. The subject is worshipped by Brahmins and kings and is happy through Shastras, Vedas, music and musical instruments.

The Dasa of Sūrya in Makar will make the person engaged in other's work, deprived of one's money and children and cause misery through wives fault (or bad luck). The person suffers from jaundice and loses a limb.

Notes: The loss of a limb will correspond to the one indicated by Makar with reference to the natal Lagn. For example:, if Lagn is Dhanu, the second Rāśi indicates face, eyes etc.

Heart diseases and loss of children will be caused by Sūrya in Kumbh, when his Dasa operates. The native will also be a tale bearer, eater of other's foods and be hated by his wife and relatives.

If Sūrya is posited in Meen, his Dasa will give respect, money and comfort, through one's wife's affection. The native will suffer from remittent fever, will always think of children and live, like a king.

The Dasa of Sūrya in Randhr Bhava, though in exaltation, will only increase afflictions. Sūrya in Ari Bhava will give in his Dasa ulcer, or wounds and no benefits through parents.

Notes: The exaltation in Randhr Bhava for Sūrya occurs, only when Kanya ascends. For Kanya, Sūrya is the lord of Vyaya Bhava and his exaltation will increase his malefic tendencies.

During the opening Dasa for a man, the good, or bad results should be predicted (as it is). If, however, there are combinations indicative of his death, the results for the Dasa will not come to pass.

The results for the Dasa are subject to variation because of the malefic deeds of parents. It is only after careful evaluation of all the Yogas, should any predictions be given.

If the native's Sūrya is unfavourable to the parents the Dasa of Sūrya will cause paralysis to the native. Similarly with Lagn, when unfavourable to the parents, grief is caused to the native in Lagn Dasa. Candr, when unfavourable to the parents will obstruct the native's learning in Candr's Dasa. This is true, only when any of the said Dasas is the first one to the native.

Notes: Take the case of a Kumbh Lagn native, who has his Sūrya in fall in Dharm Bhava. This is unfavourable to the father. Such Dasa of Sūrya, according to this Sloka, will cause paralysis to the native. Or a Simh native with Candr in Bandhu Bhava is adverse to his mother. Such Candr's Dasa will cause hindrance to the native's education. Or one of the parents with Tula Lagn, while the son has Vrischik ascending are mutually incompatible. And such Lagn will cause grief. In any case, all the conditions in the Kundali should be taken into consideration before asserting any results.

We offer Surya Dasa Shanti Online Puja
If your Surya or Sun is giving negative effects that Surya Dasa Shanti puja is recommended. Contact us for Online Surya Dasa Puja.

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