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various online pujaWe offer various types of online puja and online homam for you.
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God Vishnu Topics
Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi at Bikunta

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Daily Auspicious Time
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Ista Devta
Who is My Ista Devta ?
Ista Devta is our guardian God or Goddess who helps us.Read More

God Shiva Topics
God Shiva and god shiva related topics

Goddess Baglamukhi
Baglamukhi Puja
Goddess Baglamukhi
Baglamukhi Temple
Baglamukhi Yantra
Baglamukhi Mantra

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Lakshmi Narayana

Ma Durga Temples
Shakti or Durga Temple
Manakamana Temple
Shova Bhagavati Temple
Guheswori Temple
Bagalamukhi Temple
Baglung Kalika Temple
Jaya Bageshowri
Dakshinkali Temple
Naradevi Temple
Rakta Kali Temple
Chamunda Temple
Mahishasura Mardini
Kushmanda Dham
Durga Temples in Nepal
Churiya Mai Temple
Bindhyabasini Temple

Santoshi Mata
Santoshi Maa
Santoshi Mata
Santoshi Mata Katha
Temple of Santoshi Maa
Santoshi Mata Puja
Santoshi Mata Arati

Mahavidha Temples
Baglamukhi Temple
Dakshinkali Temple
Chinnamasta Temple
Bhuvaneshowri Temple
Online Puja at Bhuvaneshowri Temple Nepal

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Online Puja and Homam
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Birthday Online Puja
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Satya Narayan Puja
Puja for Happy Love
Saraswati Online Puja
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Devi Online Puja

Pashupatinath Temple
We offer online puja of Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath temple of Nepal.
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Ganesh Online Puja
Veer Ganapati Temple
Jal Vinayak Temple
Surya Vinayak Temple
Chandra Vinayak
Online Ganesh Puja
Siddhi Ganesh Temple
Sankata Ganesh Temple
Business Ganesh Temple
Tangal Ganesh Temple
Ganesh Online Puja
Ashok Vinayak Temple

Krishna Topics
Santan Gopal Hoom

Ram and Ramayana
Lord Ram & Ramayana
Sita Mata
Hanuman Ji

Jupiter on Various Houses
Contact us for Online Planets Shanti Puja

Jupiter the First House

  • Magnetic personality,
  • good grammarian,
  • majestic appearance,
  • highly educated,
  • many children,
  • learned,
  • dexterous,
  • long-lived,
  • respected by rulers,
  • philologist,
  • political success,
  • sagacious,
  • stout body,
  • able,
  • influential leader.

Jupiter in Second House

  • Wealthy,
  • intelligent,
  • dignified,
  • attractive,
  • happy,
  • fluent speaker,
  • aristocratic,
  • tasteful,
  • winning manners,
  • accumulated fortune,
  • witty,
  • good wife and family,
  • eloquent,
  • humorous, and
  • dexterous.

Jupiter in Third House

  • Famous,
  • many brothers,
  • ancestors,
  • devoted to the family,
  • miserly,
  • obliging,
  • polite,
  • unscrupulous,
  • good agriculturist,
  • thrifty,
  • good success,
  • energetic,
  • bold,
  • taste for fine arts and literature,
  • lived by relatives.

Jupiter in Fourth House

  • Good conveyances,
  • educated,
  • happy,
  • intelligent,
  • wealthy,
  • founder of charitable institutions,
  • comfortable,
  • good inheritance,
  • good mother,
  • well read,
  • contented life.

Jupiter in Fifth House

  • Broad eyes,
  • handsome,
  • states manly ability good insight,
  • high position,
  • intelligent,
  • skilful in trade,
  • obedient children,
  • pure-hearted,
  • a leader.

Jupiter in Sixth House

  • Obscure,
  • unlucky,
  • troubled,
  • many cousins and grandsons,
  • dyspeptic,
  • much jocularity,
  • witty,
  • unsuccessful,
  • intelligent,
  • foeless.

Jupiter in Seventh House

  • Educated,
  • proud,
  • good wife and gains through her,
  • diplomatic ability,
  • speculative mind,
  • very sensitive,
  • success in agriculture,
  • virtuous wife,
  • pilgrimage to distant places.

Jupiter in Eighth House

  • Unhappy,
  • earnings by undignified means,
  • obscure,
  • long life,
  • mean,
  • degraded,
  • thrown with widows,
  • colic pains,
  • pretending to be charitable,
  • dirty habits.

Jupiter in Ninth House

  • Charitable,
  • many children,
  • devoted,
  • religious,
  • merciful,
  • pure,
  • ceremonial-minded,
  • humanitarian principles,
  • principled,
  • conservative,
  • generous,
  • long-lived
  • father, benevolent,
  • God-fearing,
  • highly cultured,
  • famous, high position.

Jupiter in Tenth House

  • Virtuous,
  • learned,
  • clever in acquisition of wealth,
  • conveyances,
  • children,
  • determined,
  • highly principled,
  • accumulated wealth,
  • founder of institutions,
  • good agriculturist,
  • non-violent,
  • ambitious,
  • scrupulous.

Jupiter in Eleventh House

  • Lover of music,
  • very wealthy,
  • states manly ability,
  • good deeds,
  • accumulated funds,
  • God-fearing,
  • charitable,
  • somewhat dependent,
  • influential,
  • many friends,
  • philanthropic


Jupiter in Twelfth House

  • Sadistic,
  • poor,
  • few children,
  • unsteady character,
  • unlucky, l
  • ife lascivious later life inclined to asceticism,
  • artistic taste,
  • pious in after-life.

Online Graha Shanti Puja
We provide planets Shanti online puja.
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