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Vishakha Nakshatra
Contact us for online Nakshatra Puja .

Man born on Vishakha Nakshatra

1. Physical Features: His face will be round, bright and physical appearance extremely attractive. We have noticed two types of physical appearance i.e. one with fatty and long structure and the other with very lean and short structure

2. Character and general events: Vishakha Nakshatra man will have full of vigor and vitality as also intelligence of the highest order. Vishakha Nakshatra man is firm believer of god and leads a life of truthful existence. Vishakha Nakshatra man does not believe in the orthodox principles not the age old tradition. Vishakha Nakshatra man is fond of adopting modern ideas

Mostly Vishakha Nakshatra man lives away from his family. Vishakha Nakshatra man is ready to give weight to others in excess of what is actually required depending on the weight of the persons to whom Vishakha Nakshatra man is dealing in. Slavery is suicidal for him. While Vishakha Nakshatra man is very much religiously active, Vishakha Nakshatra man does not follow any superstitious religious fanaticism. Vishakha Nakshatra man treats all religions, castes and creed as one. Vishakha Nakshatra man is a follower of Gandhian philosophy of 'Ahimsa Paramodharma' (Religion is Non-violence) and 'Truth is God'. In certain cases I have seen that such type of persons accept Sanyasa (saintism) when they touch 35 years of age. When we sanyasa it does not mean that complete detraction from the 'Grihastashram' (duty towards the family). Vishakha Nakshatra man will simultaneously look after the family and follow sanyasa

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: Vishakha Nakshatra man is a very good orator and has the capacity to attract crowd. Vishakha Nakshatra man will win several prizes in elocution competition. Hence Vishakha Nakshatra man is the fittest person to be in the political circle. There is a peculiar spending tendency in him. While on the one side Vishakha Nakshatra man is very stingy on the spending on the other side Vishakha Nakshatra man is extravagant in the spending where it is not required

Vishakha Nakshatra man is fit for doing an independent business, job involving high responsibility, banking and religious professions, mathematician or a teacher or a printer

4. Family life: Vishakha Nakshatra man cannot enjoy love and affection of mother. One of the primary reasons for such lack of care may either due to mother's death or unavoidable circumstances and atmosphere which warrant his mother to be away from the native. There may be several beneficial points of his father with which Vishakha Nakshatra man can always be proud of. Even then, not much help will be derived from his father also. In other words, we have to come to a conclusion that the native leads more or less a life of an orphan. There may be a lot of difference of opinion between his father and him on several points where an amicable settlement on any matter may not be possible. It is due to these reasons Vishakha Nakshatra man is right from the childhood a hardworking and self made person

Vishakha Nakshatra man loves his wife and children very much. Even so, Vishakha Nakshatra man has two bad qualities. One is that Vishakha Nakshatra man is addicted to alcohol and another is that Vishakha Nakshatra man indulges in too much sex with other ladies. In spite of these weaknesses Vishakha Nakshatra man will not make this weaknesses as hindrance either in the family or social life

5. Health: Since has has inherent vigor and vitality given by the god, his health will normally be very good. However, Vishakha Nakshatra man is prone to paralytic attack. I have in more than 70 percent of Vishakha born people noticed this paralytic attack after the age of 55 years. In the remaining 30 percent cases, I have every doubt that the native could not provide me the correct birth time as otherwise the same symptom of paralytic attack would have in one form or the other present in them. It is also seen that they are prone to asthmatic attack

Woman born on Vishakha Nakshatra

Females born in this Nakshtra will enjoy more or less the same results mentioned for the male natives and in addition they will enjoy the following results:

1. Physical features: Her features extremely beautiful. This inherent godly gift of attractive physical features normally attract the men folk and Vishakha Nakshatra woman has to face lot of problems on this account

2. Character and general events: Vishakha Nakshatra woman has a very sweet tongue. Vishakha Nakshatra woman is expert in the household activities and if employed in the official activities also. Arrogance is very rarely noticed in these females. Vishakha Nakshatra woman does not believe in pomp and show and Vishakha Nakshatra woman is very simple. Vishakha Nakshatra woman does not like to increase her beauty by make up. Vishakha Nakshatra woman is subject to jealousy of other female friends and relatives. Vishakha Nakshatra woman is a firm believer of religious principles and quite often observe fast and perform poojas and visit holy places frequently

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: Vishakha Nakshatra woman is interested in poetry. If there are other good planetary combinations, particularly when Moon and Venus are together, Vishakha Nakshatra woman may become a famous writer. Vishakha Nakshatra woman will have academic excellence in arts or literature

4. Family life : Vishakha Nakshatra woman treats her husband as her god. Her religious attitude will confer love and affection from her in-laws. As Vishakha Nakshatra woman looks after the welfare of all family members and even distant relations, Vishakha Nakshatra woman will have power and authority conferred on her. Vishakha Nakshatra woman will have more attachment to her father-in-law. Vishakha Nakshatra woman may frequently be visiting sacred places

5. Health: Vishakha Nakshatra woman will generally have good health. However, Vishakha Nakshatra woman is prone to kidney trouble, goiter and weakness due to homo-sexuality.


Online Nakshatra Puja
Nakshatra indicates our attitude , even our physical appearance and our future. According to Veda Nakshatra puja is very important one should perform Nakshtra puja minimum once every year for the betterment of ones Life.

If person birth Nakshatra is malefic or in bad position then constant failure even after hard work may be result. Person not gets enough expected success. Love tension and family tension constantly occurs in such person life.

You may have seen some people are luckier and their life go with ease and other people are not lucky and life go with hardship and difficulties. It may be due to bad positioning of your Nakshatra.
We offer Online Nakshatra Puja for you to reduce bad effects of Nakshatra and to get positive energies from Nakshatra.
Contact Us or call at 977-9841272615 for more information

Names of 27 Nakshatra
1 Ashwini 2 Bharani 3 Krittika 4 Rohini 5 Mrigashirsa
6 Ardra 7 Punarvasu 8 Pusya 9 Aslesha 10 Magha
11 Poorvaphalguni 12 Uttaraphalguni 13 Hasta
14 Chitra 15 Swati 16 Vishakha 17 Anuradha
18 Jyeshta 19 Moola 20 Poorvashada 21 Uttarashadha
22 Sravana 23 Dhanishtha 24 Satabisha
25 Poorvabhadrapada 26 Uttarabhadrapada 27 Revati

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