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Solah Somvar Vrat
This fast is usually observed by girls and women on the prospects of getting a good husband, just like Lord Shiva and being blessed with a happy married life. The Solah Somvar Vrat is observed for 16 consecutive Mondays. Check out the following lines to know about the story of Solah Somvar Vrat and the rules for observing it.

God ShivaOne who observes this vrat would get to enjoy many pleasures in this world and finally would reach the kailash. The moon observed this vratam and got his "moonness".

One gets blessed by the shiva-shakti on observing this vratsincerely.

One of the name of Lord shiva is soma - saha uma. For the Lord someshvara Who wears the soma, the moon crescent on the matted hair, on the somavara day (Monday), this festival is observed.

Solah somavar is very powerful and vrat done by many people to fulfill their whishes by pleasing before starting the vratam one must do sankalp of doing the vratam. in sankalp you must thank god for all he has given to you and request him to fulfill your wish. also in sankalp you must decide what offerings you must be giving to lord.

Solah Somvara Vrat and Related Online Puja
God ShivaSolah Somvar Vrat is done to please Lord Shiva, the naïve God who is so easy to please. One begins the fast on a Monday of the bright fortnight of any month. Many people observe this serial fast during the Chatur Maas (The four holy months from June/July to October/November). On the 17th Monday, Udyapan or thanksgiving to Lord Shiv is done.

The person who observes the fast should do Shiv-Parvati puja after having a bath, the person should then read the "Solah Somvar kattha" and fast till sunset. During the fast hours,you may have some fruits, nuts and milk. You can have one meal at sunset.

On Vrat Time You Must Follow the Following Rule:

1 Get up early in the morning

2 Get fresh and have bath.

3 Do puja by lighting ghee lamp and dhoop and also must read solah somvar vrat kattha

4 Go to shiva temple and offer milk, jal, honey, belpatram, janeu, pushpam chandan haldi supari to god and kumkum haldi and other things for suhag(for ladies).

5 Prepare prasadam , you can use fruits or sweets also. make three parts of it offer one to god ,one you distribute among people and consume one by your self, with curd, milk or tea as per your wish.. but maintain the consistancy ie if you take curd then always take curd like wise


When to Observed Solah Somavara Vrat

Though all Mondays can be observed as vrata there are speacial mondays when it is much more emphasised to observe like the shravana somvar and Karthikaisomvar. The Solah Somvar Vrat can begin in any month on the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon). However, devotees prefer fasting in Sharvan or Kartik month.

Way of Observing Solah Somavara Vrat

Getting up at the dawn one meditates on the Supreme shiva. After taking bath and having done the morning twilight salutation, praying the Auspicious and Graceful Lord shiva, worships the couples who are devotees of the Lord, chaste and loveful as the Divines couple themselves. Saluting those couples, offering them feast, the observer of this vratam eats only one time food that day.

Solah Somvar Vrat Kattha
Shiva and ParavatiLord Shiva and Parvati visited the city of Amravati and stopped by a beautiful Shiva temple. Incidentally, Lord Shiva was in a playful mood. Hence finding this, Parvati thought of playing a dice game and the game started. Meanwhile, the temple priest appeared and on asking who would win the game, the priest abruptly answered Lord Shiva would win it. However, Parvati won the game and got annoyed as the Brahman had lied. Parvati cursed him to be a leper. Eventually, the Brahman became a leper and started leading a miserable life. Some time later, few fairies descended on earth and visited the priest on seeing his pitiful fate. The Brahman narrated the entire story to them.

One of the fairies asked the Brahman to observe fasts on sixteen consecutive Mondays without a break and on the seventeenth Monday, prepare Prasad, or holy food, from flour, ghee and gur, and distribute it amongst the family members. As explained, the priest observed the fasts and to his surprise, he was back to his normal health again. After sometime, Lord Shiva and Parvati visited the same temple and were amazed to see a healthy priest. On enquiring, the priest recited the whole story. Excited, Parvati too thought of observing the fast and in due course, got reunited with his beloved son, Kartikeya. Similarly, other such incidents began to happen after observing fasts on 16 consecutive Mondays.

The Solah Somvar Vrat can begin in any month on the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon). However, devotees prefer fasting in Sharvan or Kartik month. Most devotees even opt for the Chaturmas period for observing this Solah Somvar Vrat. Though the fast begins at sunrise and ends at sunset, some followers prefer observing a 24-hour fast while only consuming water or tender khopra, or coconut. You can also have nuts, milk and fruits during the fasting day. On completing 16 weeks, special pujas, or prayers, are held in the honor of Lord Shiva.

Solah Somvar Vrat Guidance
Offerings: Monday is the day of Shiva. The god's favourite colour is white. He likes white flowers, white clothes and a white seat. Even his home is amidst the snow-covered gleaming white peaks of the Himalayas. When offering a puja to the god, do it with white flowers and white sweets for the naivedyam .

Ritual: Shiva's devotees should observe a strict fast on Mondays, eating only after sunset. Unlike other fasts, one cannot eat in the afternoon and skip the evening meal. A rudra abhishek (ritual bath amidst chanting of mantras ) should be offered to the Shivalinga in the home shrine. During the puja , a specific number of bilva leaves must be offered to the Shivalinga. In the evening, a naivedyam of rice and curds should be offered.

However, unlike usual practice, this naivedyam cannot be eaten as prasad . It should instead be taken to a Shiva temple and given to the priest or offered to a cow. Occasionally, a Brahmin or a married woman should be invited for meals. Devotees should chant the mantra Om Namah Shivay throughout the day.

Special Mondays: If it is not possible to observe a fast every Monday, one should at least observe a fast on the Mondays in the month of Shravan. These days are especially auspicious.

Sixteen Mondays: If you are seeking something specific from the God, it is advisable to observe a vrat (religious ritual) of 16 Mondays. Observed in honour of Lord Shiva, it can be started on any Monday of the bright fortnight of the months of Vaishakh, Shravan, Kartik or Magh. A fast is observed on next 16 Mondays and the udyapan of the vrat (conclusion) is performed on the 17th Monday.

Every Monday, a detailed puja is performed with 16 offerings. Although the devotee is allowed to eat food cooked without salt, crystal sugar or thick sweet roti (bread), many observe a strict fast. A naivedyam of crystal sugar or roti (thick sweet bread) is prepared for Lord Shiva. Before offering it to the god, the naivedyam is divided into three parts. One part is offered to the god, one part is distributed amongst friends and relatives and the third part is eaten by the devotee. On the 17th Monday, the devotee offers a mahapuja to Shiva at a Shiva temple. Flowers of golden champak, bilva, lotus, bakuli and punnag are essential for this puja .

Naivedyam: Sweet rotis are made of 5 kg of wheat flour, one and quarter kilogram of clarified butter and one and quarter kilogram of jaggery. These are roasted on fire fuelled by cow dung cakes. One third of the rotis are offered to the Shivalingam in the temple, one third are distributed as prasad and one third are distributed amongst relatives during meals.

You have to fast till evening and do Puja. You should not eat onions, garlic, nonveg etc. In the evening you can take the Prasadam after offering it to God. You can recite Shiva manasa puja slokam and Shivanandalahari. Read the somavar vrat kattha .
One who observes this vratam would get to enjoy many pleasures in this world and finally would reach the kailAsham.

The moon observed this vratam and got his "moonness". He saluted the Lord gauri- shankara and requested that this vratam be called soma vAra vratam (One of the names of the moon is soma. One of the name of Lord shiva with goddess umA is also soma) and whoever follows this vratam should get their wishes materialised by the grace of the Lord and finally should get the liberation. God granted the boon.

Long ago a princess called Siman thini was observing this vratam regularly. Then two young boys cunningly came as if they were a married couple. The princess worshiped them. The young boys really became male and female couple !

The austerous sage vaShiShTa got the chaste arunthadhi as his wife. One gets blessed by the shiva-shakti on observing this vratam sincerely

We offer Online Vrat and Puja for You

Persons too old or too sick can get the vrata performed for them by the close relatives if they are willing or you can Contact Us to perform your Vrata.

We perfrom your vrat in the auspicious time, place and mode laid down by the Vedic Hindu books.So you can get maximum benefits and positive results from Vrat.

Contact Us for various Vrat or Fasting related online puja.

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