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Last Update:- Saturday 12th June 2021
Das Mahavidya
Mahavidya Kali
Tripura Sundari


Graha Shanti Temples
Graha shanti puja
Sankata Temple Puja
Kaal Sarpa Temple

Lord Shiva Temples
Online puja at famous Shiva Temples
Pasupatinath Temple
Mahankal Temple
Bakreshowra Temple
Hetauda Shiva Temple
Batuk Bhairav Temple

Popular Wish Temples
Manakamana Temple
Baglamukhi temple online puja
Bindabasini temple
Love Temple

Lord Vishnu Temples
Lord Vishnu Temple online puja
Budanilkantha Temple
Sheh Narayana Temple
Changu Narayana
Sheh Narayana Temple
Narashingh Temple
Swambhu Temple

Puja for Child Birth
Santan Gopal Homam
Santal Gopal Homam and Puja service for child birth
Sanatan Lakshmi Puja
Ladoo Gopal online Puja
Bakreshowra Temple

Devi Temple Puja
Shakti and devi temples online puja and homam service
Jaya Bageshori Temple
Annapurna Temple
Bhuvaneshvari Temple
Naxal Bagwati Temple
Naradevi Temple
Dakshinkali Temple
Chinnamasta Temple
Rakta Kali Temple
Chamunda Temple
Guhessowri Temple

Ancestors Spirit Puja
Ancestor Spirit online puja service
Puja for Ancestor Spirit
Puja for Dead Person

Tantra Online Puja
Das Mahavida Puja
God Narashiva Puja
Tantra online puja
Dakshinkali Temple
Mahayapi Devi Temple
Maha Kali Puja

Hindu Birth Chart
Hindu Birth chart fulll report from famous Astrologer Nepal Sailesh Ghimire
We make most accurate Hindu Birth Chart or Cheena which will be more than 60 pages. We will write all your details about your Hindu Janam Kundali in traditional Nepali paper.  We will give you full reports regarding dasas, bad lucks from malefic planets and we also provide you solution of these problems by performing their online puja and homa for you. We also give you your Hindu Ista Devta name which will be derived from your Birth Chart. Contact Us.

Hindu Gods / Goddess Their Online Puja Service
Hindu God Goddess Online PujaHindus have various god and goddess. God are based on Yang Principle and energy where as goddess are based on Ying principle of energy.
Hindu God and Goddess are based on energy and they are great source of cosmic heavenly energy.
Read More
| Contact Us for Online Puja Service

Hindu Astrology & Graha, Nakshatra Online Puja
Hindu Horoscope
Hindu astrology related various type of online puja and homam service

Vedic Astrology

Navagraha Puja

Vrat or Fasting Facts

Lord Ganesh Related Topics & His Online Puja
Ganesh Temple Online Puja

Ganesh ji

God Ganesha related topics

Forms of Navadurga & Online Durga Puja Service

Navadurga 9 Names

Shakti Related Mantra

Contact Us for various types Goddess Durga Online Puja or Online Homa.
Ma Shakti

Ma Kaal Ratri

Shakti Temples Puja

Goddess Kali

Goddess Lakshmi And Various Online Lakshmi Puja
Ma Lakshmi Forms Lamp

Ma Lakshmi Details

Lakshmi Puja / Homam

Santoshi Mata Online Puja & Santoshi Mata topics
If you are performing 16 Fridays Santoshi mata vrat and searching for reliable and Diyaauthenticable online Sanotshi Mata Puja service provider, then please call or SMS or Contact Us.
Sanotshi Mata Online Puja Service

Goddess Baglamukhi Topics And Online Puja
Flower for Baglamukhi

God Vishnu, Various Avatars & his Online Puja
DiyaLord Vishnu represents the aspect of the Supreme Reality that preserves and sustains the universe. Although there are variations in images and pictures of Lord Vishnu, He is generally symbolized by a human body with four arms. God Vishnu incarnations reveal the help rendered by God during various stages of human evolution. Read More

Lord Hanuman and His Online Puja
Hanuman JiLord Hanuman Ji puja is done to remove all type of fears created by evil spirits and unknow forces, to remove ill effects of planet Sani and Rahu.
Devotees also worship Hanuman Ji if doctor cannot diagnose the disease of their children. When they think there was no alternative, but to pray and perform puja of Hanumna Ji if the disease of their children are beyond understanding. Read More | Download Free Hanuman Chalisa

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Puja by Occasions
Online Puja and Homam Service
Puja for Home, Office
Puja on Various Temple
To Remove Accidents
To Get Courage
Birthday Online Puja
Karmic Debt Pooja
Puja to get Married
Nine planet Online Puja

Hindu God / Goddess
God Vishnu
Demi God / Goddess

Goddess Gayatri
Goddess Gayatri
Goddess Gayatri Homam
Gayatri Mantra Meaning


Puja for Exam Success
Goddess Sarasowti is goddess of wisdom and knowledge
Sarasowti Online Puja
Vidhaya Lakshmi Puja
Kamalatmika Puja

Online Puja For Health
Online pooja and homan for bad health recovery, recovery of illness
Mritunjaya Homam
Accidents Save Puja
Churiya Mai Temple

Love Marriage Puja
Online Puja and Homam for success of love, getting married
Puja to Get Married
Puja at Love Temple
Puja for Love Life
Uma Maheshowri Puja
Katyayani online Puja

Puja For Business
online puja to gain in business
Lakshmi Kubera Homam
Maha Lakshmi Puja
Laxmi Narayan Homam
Ganapati Homam
Bastu Online Puja

Puja For Office/ Home
Bastu Gods Online Puja
Ganesh Online puja
Annapurna Online Puja

Puja to Remove Evil
Puja to escape from danger
Chandi Puja and Homam
Rudra Puja and Homam
Dhumavati Online Puja

Enemies Remove Puja
Baglamukhi Puja
Maha Sudarsana Homam
Narasingh Online Puja
Nava Durga Puja
Chandi Maha Kali Puja

Online Puja At Temple
Swambhu Temple
Budanilkantha Temple
online puja at temple
Sheh Narayana Temple
Changu Narayana
Mahankal Temple
Manakamana Temple
Jaya Bageshori Temple
Annapurna Temple
Narashingh Temple
Sankata Temple Pooja
Naxal Bagawati Temple
Bhuvaneshvari Temple
Santoshi Mata Temple
Naradevi Temple
Dakshinkali Temple
Chinnamasta Temple
Mahayapi Devi Temple
Garudha Bhahini Temple
Guhessowri Temple
Baglamukhi Temple
Raakta Kali Temple
Chamunda Temple
Bakreshowra Temple
Batuk Bhairav Temple
Hanuman Ji Temple

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