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various online pujaWe offer various types of online puja and online homam for you.
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Who is My Ista Devta ?
Ista Devta is our guardian God or Goddess who helps us.Read More

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Santoshi Mata
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Online Puja at Bhuvaneshowri Temple Nepal

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Pashupatinath Temple
We offer online puja of Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath temple of Nepal.
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Veer Ganapati Temple
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108 names of Ganesha
God Ganesh | Ganesh 32 Forms | 108 Names of Ganesh

108 names of ganesh
Akhuratha : One who has Mouse as His Charioteer
Alampata : Ever Eternal Lord
Amit : Incomparable Lord
Anantachidrupamayam : Infinite and Consciousness Personified
Avaneesh : Lord of the whole World
Avighna : Remover of Obstacles
Balaganapati : Beloved and Lovable Child
Bhalchandra : Moon-Crested Lord
Bheema : Huge and Gigantic
Bhupati : Lord of the Gods
Bhuvanpati : God of the Gods
Buddhinath : God of Wisdom
Buddhipriya : Knowledge Bestower
Buddhividhata : God of Knowledge
Chaturbhuj : One who has Four Arms
Devadeva : Lord! of All Lords
Devantakanashakarin : Destroyer of Evils and Asuras
Devavrata : One who accepts all Penances
Devendrashika : Protector of All Gods
Dharmik : One who gives Charity
Dhoomravarna : Smoke-Hued Lord
Durja : Invincible Lord
Dvaimatura : One who has two Mothers
Ekaakshara : He of the Single Syllable
Ekadanta : Single-Tusked Lord
Ekadrishta : Single-Tusked Lord
Eshanputra : Lord Shiva’s Son
Gadadhara : One who has The Mace as His Weapon
Gajakarna : One who has Eyes like an Elephant
Gajanana : Elephant-Faced Lord
Gajananeti : Elephant-Faced Lord
Gajavakra : Trunk of The Elephant
Gajavaktra : One who has Mouth like an Elephant
Ganadhakshya : Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
Ganadhyakshina : Leader of All The Celestial Bodies
Ganapati : Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
Gaurisuta : The Son of Gauri (Parvati)
Gunina : One who is The Master of All Virtues
Haridra : One who is Golden Coloured
Heramba : Mother’s Beloved Son
Kapila : Yellowish-Brown Coloured
Kaveesha : Master of Poets
Krti : Lord of Music
Kripalu : Merciful Lord
Krishapingaksha : Yellowish-Brown Eyed
Kshamakaram : The Place of Forgiveness
Kshipra : One who is easy to Appease
Lambakarna : Large-Eared Lord
Lambodara : The Huge Bellied Lord
Mahabala : Enormously Strong Lord
Mahaganapati : Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
Maheshwaram : Lord of The Universe
Mangalamurti : All Auspicious Lord
Manomay : Winner of Hearts
Mrityuanjaya : Conqueror of Death
Mundakarama : Abode of Happiness
Muktidaya : Bestower of Eternal Bliss
Musikvahana : One who has Mouse as His Charioteer
Nadapratithishta :One who Appreciates and Loves Music
Namasthetu : Vanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins
Nandana : Lord Shiva’s Son
Nideeshwaram : Giver of Wealth and Treasures
Omkara : One who has the Form Of OM
Pitambara : One who has Yellow-Coloured Body
Pramoda : Lord of All Abodes
Prathameshwara : First Among All
Purush : The Omnipotent Personality
Rakta : One who has Red-Coloured Body
Rudrapriya : Beloved Of Lord Shiva
Sarvadevatman : Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings
Sarvasiddhanta : Bestower of Skills and Wisdom
Sarvatman : Protector of The Universe
Shambhavi : The Son of Parvati
Shashivarnam : One who has a Moon like Complexion
Shoorpakarna :Large-Eared Lord
Shuban : All Auspicious Lord
Shubhagunakanan : One who is The Master of All Virtues
Shweta : One who is as Pure as the White Colour
Siddhidhata : Bestower of Success and Accomplishments
Siddhipriya : Bestower of Wishes and Boons
Siddhivinayaka : Bestower of Success
Skandapurvaja : Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik)
Sumukha : Auspicious Face
Sureshwaram :Lord of All Lords
Swaroop : Lover of Beauty
Tarun : Ageless
Uddanda : Nemesis of Evils and Vices
Umaputra : The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)
Vakratunda : Curved Trunk Lord
Varaganapati : Bestower of Boons
Varaprada : Granter of Wishes and Boons
Varadavinayaka : Bestower of Success
Veeraganapati : Heroic Lord
Vidyavaridhi : God of Wisdom
Vighnahara : Remover of Obstacles
Vignaharta : Demolisher of Obstacles
Vighnaraja : Lord of All Hindrances
Vighnarajendra : Lord of All Obstacles
Vighnavinashanaya : Destroyer of All Obstacles and Impediments
Vigneshwara: Lord of All Obstacles
Vikat : Huge and Gigantic
Vinayaka : Lord of All
Vishwamukha : Master of The Universe
Vishwaraja : King of The World
Yagnakaya : Acceptor of All Sacred and Sacrificial Offerings
Yashaskaram : Bestower of Fame and Fortune
Yashvasin : Beloved and Ever Popular Lord
Yogadhipa : The Lord of Meditation

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Ganesh 108 Names | How Ganesh was Born ?

Online Puja at Ganesh Temples of Nepal

God Ganesh Related Various Mantra:-

God Ganesh Gyantri and Mula Mantra etc |
Ganesh Dhana Mantra | Mahagadapati Mantra
Gananayakastakam Mantra | Bhujagam Mantra
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Online Pooja at Sankata Temple
Online Pooja at Sankata TemplePeople do online pooja at Sankata temple to remove problems from their life. The problem for wealth,
problem in one’s business, problem in romance or relating to other aspect of life are said to be solved by doing puja at famous Sankata .
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Online Pooja at Annapurna Temple
TPowerful photo of Mother Annapurna at Annapurna templehere is very famous temple of Goddess Annapurna at the heart of Asan, Kathmandu, Nepal.
This temple is very famous for fulfilling all types of wishes.Annapurna temple of Ashan is build according to Ying principal.
Read More | Contact Us For online Puja at Annapurna Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Online Puja at God Vishnu or Narayana Temples
Online puja at Vishnu Temples of Nepal by online puja orgFamous God Vishnu temples of Nepal are Budanilkantha Narayana and Changu Narayana. Both of Narayana temples are famous for fulfilling desires of People. Budanilkantha Narayana
Changu Narayana
We offer online puja of God Vishnu at Budanilkantha Narayana and Changu Narayana of Nepal. Contact Us or Call at:-
977-9841272615 for online puja at famous temples of Narayana

Online Puja at Pashupatinath Temple of NepalOnline puja at Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal by online puja orgPashupatinath temple of god Shiva is Nepal's preminent Hindu temple and one of the most significant Shiva temples on the subcontinent. Read More
We offer online puja of God Shiva at Pashupatinath temple of Nepal.
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or Call at:- 977-9841272615 for online puja at famous temple of Pashupatinath.

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Temples Puja Nepal

Nepal has many famous temples which are popular for different types of wishes.
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Nava Durga forms
Ten Great Wisdom
Goddess kaliMahavidyas are aspects of Devi in Hinduism. The Ten Mahavidyas are known as Wisdom Goddesses.
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To Escape from Danger
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To Remove Accidents
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Sun or Surya Puja
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Mercurry or Budha
Saturn or Sani
Dragon or Head Rahu
Dragon or Tail Ketu
Nava Graha Santi Puja
Kalsarpa Dosa Remove
Garuda Bahini Temple
Sankata Temple Puja
Siddhi Ganesh Temple
Batuk Bhairav Temple
Enemies Remove Puja
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Nava Durga Online Puja
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Puja for Happiness
Laxmi Narayan Homam
Sataya Narayana Puja
Online Puja for Love
Shiva and Parbati
Uma Maheshowri Puja
Puja at Love Temple
Happy Love Life
Puja To Get Married
Adi Lakshimi Puja
Curse Removing Puja
Dhumabarit Online Puja
Hanuman Ji Online Puja
Chandi Online Puja
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Tantra Online Puja
We offer various tye of secret Tantra online pooja
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Ganesh Online puja
Annapurna Online Puja
Asta Lakshmi Puja
Puja For Business
Laxmi Kubera Homam
Ganapati Homam
Maha Lakshmi Puja
Laxmi Narayan Homam
Vastu Online Puja
Demi God Goddess
God of Wealth Kubera
Gantri Mata
Ganga Mata
God of Fire Agni
God of Air Vayu
God of Water Barun
Craft God Bishowkarma
King of Heaven Indra
King of Hell Yama Raj
Narad Devotee God
Kama & Rati Love God
Medicine God

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