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Planets Retrograde
Contact us for Graha Santi online Puja

Normally Planets move in clock wise but some time they moves anti clock wise. This situation is known as retrograde.

Mercury retrograde:

Natives having retrograde Mercury in their birth charts tend to think in terms of Symbols and Insights, rather than facts of life.

Their intellect revolves more flexibly easily on the Sub Conscious level, and their deeper insight into motivations is often uncanny and revealing.

These natives are amazingly profound, creative, discovering possibilities which are more direct, obvious, and practical. Such people talk to themselves, and hum little tunes.

As Mercury is connected with education, Intelligence Literature and astrology, so the native, if a writer or a scholar may prefer stories of atmosphere to action, character conflict.

If an astrologer, they may often be more accurate in natal analysis than in predictive work, unless an event or action is seen as a consequence of some inner motivation, rather than outward circumstances. They do not always seem to bother about other people and would be more critical of the views of others. They often justify their actions with reasons they grasp often the matter is sorted out. They can combine Science, occultism and spiritualism to achieve progress.

It is always exciting to hear those with Mercury retrograde. What they say, may not apply to matters at hand but their advice and guidance will be found useful and valuable. They should show less excitement at home and should not hanker after quick changes in professional and personal life.

Venus Retrograde:

People with retrograde Venus may not find enjoyments in things liked by most people. Such natives may find it hard to adjust to outward social restrictions and restrain.

In conditions which require tact and charm, they are truthful, outspoken and blunt. The idealistic images of love, sex, marriage, child-birth, are quite different from these. They tend to be fastidious about things which others do not consider important. They have generally unusual ideas and habits and thinking than the other people. They are also tempted to unconventional love expressions, may renounce love for religion, become quite ceremonious.

Mars Retrograde:

When Mars is retrograde in one’s birth chart, the physical energy and vitality rarely responds to growing needs of the natives in the complex world.

It implies a stubborn, unyielding physical force which does not move until some mystical reason is traced for its expression.

It is often a key to importance and frigidity, in natives whose physical energies are not unfathomed until implemented by some non related ideas or ideals. Such natives often pause in the middle of a project to recapitulate and may do rethinking or about the delay in implementation of their schemes and projects.

They may often make good scientists and doctors. They also succeed in other occupation which requires handling of physical material in an objective, none organizing the physical labors of other thought or develop quite differently.

Such natives frequently rebel against their own desires, try to stifle them, preferring to act, when they have to, against tremendous odds, subconsciously seeking an excuse for the hassles and irritants they may anticipate.

Jupiter retrograde:

People with Jupiter retrograde often find success in the failures of others. They start at the point where others become discouraged, and have been given up. They are a dynamic lot who become surprised when they find opportunities and success. Such people receive dead company and uncover hidden area unexpected at their door step.

They enjoy hidden support of influential and strong persons in society because of their good nature and attain fairly high status assets etc or in other words they do some remarkable jobs which cannot be thought of or conceived by others

In order to achieve their material goal, they prefer to bargain, employ indirect, subtle psychological warfare methods in achieving their objectives. Such people do not respond enthusiastically to obvious opportunities for gain, but become immediately alert for profits to be derived from such unpromising situations.

They invariably gain through hidden and cosmic forces and can survive in most critical situations.

Being or subjective foresight, they seem of step with the time. They predict disaster where other see success and vice versa. They are especially good in situations which involve an unknown element, a chance factor. The flexibility which is possible due to the unknown factors and their ability to handle critical situations lead them to great success.

Saturn Retrograde:

With Saturn retrograde, there is a need to be on constant guard against a subconscious defeatism which hampers their most noble and high ambitions. Because of this self protective fear motivation, they may tend to succumb too easily to external pressures.
They either appear shy, uneasy, introverted, lacking itself assertion or attempt at times to cover this insecurity with a pretext of arrogance.

They have strong sense that fate, as also some cosmic forces control their destinies. They may feel lonely at heart isolated, separated from their dear and near ones and seldom understood correctly.

There may be an apparent super-sophistication about them, an air of total boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them, stemming from the fact that they really worry about being a bore and wish to conceal a fact that they are indeed, shock able.

Uranus Retrograde:

People with Uranus retrograde are most creative, imaginable, rebellious, work always for self, individualistic.

In order to search identity and ego fulfillment, they often reach the most magnificent heights of humanitarian actions.

In their worst expression they are self destructive, inclined to regard themselves as unappreciated, constantly in court, wishing to reform everyone but themselves. Critics of others.

Uranus is a planet symbolizing the Divine counterpart of the human ego. Such natives are generally at odds with their generation

Neptune Retrograde:

Such people with Neptune retrograde need to avoid parading their virtues before the world.

There is a tendency to remind everyone else of their righteousness, arousing resentment instead to admiration they seek. They should be selfish.

Spiritual inconsistency is denoted in such people. Being psychic themselves, they may decry the reality of extrasensory, skeptical of their own beliefs but suspect concealment of the truth when other appear cynical.

Pride is apparently missing they will conceal their ideas to such an extent that they will become so complicated that they do not understand their meaning themselves .They seek seclusion escape from material coils. They become very subtle.

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