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Planetary Characters Define By Vedic Astrology
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Kalapurusha's Soul etc. and their Use
Vedic AstrologyThe Sun is the soul of the Zodiac personified, the Moon mind, Mars strength, Mercury speech (voice), Jupiter intelligence, Venus comforts, Rahu ego and Saturn grief.
If at birth planets indicative of soul etc. are strong, these significations will equally be strong. If these planets are weak, the effects are only meager. But in the case of Saturn it is different. The counting of limbs according to the decanate rising at birth should be identified, as under.
If the first decanate rises, count from head. If second, from neck and, if 3rd, from pelvis. The 6 Rāśis backwards from the Ascendant denote the left side of the body, while the 6 forward Rāśis from Vedic AstrologyLagna indicate the right side of the body. Should the first decanate of a Sign ascend, the lapsed part of the Ascendant denotes left side of the head and the part to rise yet indicates the right side of the head, the 2nd and 12th denote right and left eyes, respectively, 3rd and 11th right and left ears, 4th and 10th right and left nose, 5th and 9th right and left cheeks, 6th and 8th right and left chins and the 7th left side of the face (area yet to rise) and the 7th right side of the face (portion already descended). If the 2nd decanate rises, neck, shoulder, arms, side, heart, stomach and navel are to be understood in the same order.

Should the third decanate rise, pelvis, anus, penis, testicle, thigh, knee, calf and feet will be counted in the same order. ZodiacThe decanates occupied by malefics denote wounds etc., while the ones by benefics indicate marks (moles) on the limbs concerned.

Should these planets be in their own Rāśi, or Amsa at birth, then the wound, or mole are right from birth. Otherwise these will be caused later on (in appropriate periods).

Planetary Portfolios and their Use
The Sun and the Moon are said to be the kings.
Mercury is the prince,
Mars Army chief,
Jupiter and Venus ministers,
Saturn is servant.

The native acquires such qualities, as of the strongest planet.

Planetary Directions
The Sun, Venus, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are, respectively, the Lords of the directions commencing from the East.

Planetary Nature
Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are benefics in nature.
Saturn, Mars and the Sun are natural malefics.
Mercury in the company of malefics and
the waning Moon are also considered malefics.

Synonyms of Planets
Heli and Bhanu are the other names given to the Sun.
The Moon is called Sasi.
Krūradrik, Bhomisuta, Āra, Rakta and Vakra are indicative of Mars. Hemna, Vid, Gna and Bodhana denote Mercury.
Īdya, Ijya, Angira and Jiva are the Jupiter's names.
Āsphujit, Sita and Bhrigu means Venus.
Manda, Kona, Yama and Krishna are Saturn's synonyms.

For these planets there are various other names, which should be elicited from other texts.

Planets ruled Thought

The Sun Rules soul
Moon Rules mind
Mars Rules strength,
Mercury Rules speech (voice),
Jupiter Rules intelligence,
Venus Rules comforts,
Saturn Rules grief
Rahu Rules ego

Ruling Gods of Planets
Sun ruling god Fire
Moon ruling god Water
Mars ruling god Kartikeya
Mercury ruling god Vishnu
Jupiter ruling god Indra
Venus ruling god Sachi Devi
Saturn ruling god Bharma

If at birth planets indicative of soul etc. are strong, these significations will equally be strong. If these planets are weak, the effects are only meager. But in the case of Saturn it is different.

Colors Ruled by Planets
Sun copper-red
Moon white
Mars:- blood-red
Mercury;- green
Jupiter:- yellow
Venus:- White
Saturn:- Black

onwards the respective hues of the planets are copper-red, white, blood-red, green, yellow, variegated and black. The deities for these planets are, respectively, , Water, Kartikeya, Vishnu, Indra, Sachi Devi and Brahma. The planets from the Sun onward should be worshipped by the Mantras concerned and, if trips to the respective directions are undertaken one can gain gold, gems, elephants etc.

Sex of Planets
The Moon and Venus are females
Mercury and Saturn rule neutrals
Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are Male

Cast of Planets
Brahmins are ruled by Jupiter and Venus.
The Sun and Mars preside over the royal lot.
The Moon rules Vaisyas.
Saturn rules those of mixed breed,
Mercury presides over Sudras.

Abodes Ruled by Planets

Sun :- temples
Moon:- water resorts
Mars :- fire houses
Mercury:- sports ground
Jupiter:- treasury
Venus;- bed-room
Saturn:- dirty places.

Taste Ruled by Planets
Sun :- acrid
Moon:- saline
Mars :- bitter
Mercury:- mixed
Jupiter:- sweet
Venus;- sour (acidulous)
Saturn:- astringent

Planetary Robes and Substances.
Sun :- New
Moon:- burnt
Mars :- water-soaked,
Mercury:- neither new nor old
Jupiter recent
Venus durable
Saturn:- Rag

Similarly copper, gem (?), gold (?), metal allay, silver (?), pearl (?) and iron are in their order denoted by the Sun etc., ending with Saturn.

Periods Ruled By Planets
Sun :- Ayana
Moon:- Muhurta
Mars:- Ahoratna
Mercury;- Ritu ( season )
Jupiter:- Month
Venus:- fortnight
Saturn:- Year

Ritu or Season Ruled By Planets
Sisira :- Saturn
Vasanta:- Venus
Grishma:- Mars
Varsha:- Moon
Sarat :- Mercury
Hemanta :- Jupiter

Vedas and Worlds Ruled By Planets
Jupiter rules Rig Veda,
Venus Yajur Veda,
Mars Sama Veda
and Mercury Atharva Veda.
Jupiter denotes the Heavens,
the Moon and Venus the world of the Manes,
the Sun and Mars the World of mortals
and Mercury and Saturn Hell.


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